Evolution of Electronic Mobile Command (eMC) for EMS



In 2005 we well understood that real time communication loops motivate or move individuals, team members or a service area into proper actions for high performance. We initiated early many active reports throughout our system to alert service sectors with the implementation of our EMS model in Scottsdale Arizona, representing urban, suburban and rural zones. We proved we could enhance response times from greater than 10 minutes 90% of the time by past competitors to less than 8:59 in 92% of the time by the changes in the enhancements of both prospective, retrospective and some concurrent processes.

The natural pace of deterioration and intersection of different technologies, multiple controls and proprietary codes could have caused some difficult and unreliable integration without intense manual oversight.
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Organizational Assessment Tool

Organizational Assessment Tool for management and processes and systems

In 1977, when I was business consultant from the US Department of Energy and Labor assigned to do some business consulting for Native American projects in the Southwest. I worked with a project on the Birdsprings Community in the Navajo Reservation.

We were building the first school that would use exclusively alternative energies such as sun, wind, and passive solar. At the time the traditional western organizational methods and pyramid structures of management and org charts had their inherent obstacles, certainly, as it applied to this community project, which included their new business on producing solar panels through out other Indian Reservations in the USA.

I was sent in to help with the establishment of a business plan and to give advise on organizational structure and processes. After some weeks I was still going through a frustrating time in designing organizational methods that would bring about necessary changes.
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