The Good Samaritan

Our map, our vision, behaviors and mission ways for EMS
–Bob Ramsey, 1995

A key to a map or vision is the way in which an individual and an organization works together confirm agreements, accept workflow handshakes, that are made repetitively, respectfully and continuously.

Transformation and growth is a challenging yet rewarding process for perfecting both the individual and the organization. It requires a continuous process of both individual and organizational evaluations focusing on positive confirmations and correct guidelines. Positive change, growth and success can come quickly by effectively utilizing and engaging in Concurrent Ways, Retrospective Ways and Prospective Processes appropriately.

I. We are Alert, Ready & Available to respond with eh right resources
* Alert and ready with the right attitude of mind to respond quickly and appropriately.
* Ready and knowledgeable with the right training, clinical service level and EMS equipment.
* We have high performance integrated communications systems and active management support.
* We continue to work on improving our performance, our behaviors, and our emotional strength.
* We always consider how our recourses, attitude and service performance are available.

II .We have a heart for caring
* Everyone is a special customer who deserves our full focus and personal attention.
* We do not disqualify others by allowing our personal values to interfere with our ability to Serve their special needs.
* We respond to the behavioral needs of the patient, family, and others.
* We complete all assessment and required treatment procedures.

III. We are nice and treat everyone with respect & dignity
* We work in unity with our service partners and members of our organization.
* We focus on the patient, the family and our service partners, which are the center of what we do.
* We manage our way through difficult situations always working as a team being nice to others.

IV. We respond to the needs of others
* We follow standard operating procedures, our mission, values, and organizational behaviors, working as a team with other agencies and public/private partners serving our community.
* Always being there for others and asking:
* Is it compassionate, caring and safe?
* Is it treating the special needs of our patients, service partners and customers?
* Is it the right thing for other team members and our organization to do?
* Is it legal, ethical, nice and respectful of cultural diversity?
* Is it within your certification level or on your organizational authority level?
* Is it in the approved policies and procedures?
* Is it following your chain of command?
* Is it something, for which you are willing to be held accountable?
* Is it consistent with our organization’s beliefs, stated values and mission?

V. We assure continuity of care with accurate communication and documentation
* By accurate communication and documentation that is essential and required for quality care.
* We believe that the quality of communication and documentation guides quality care.
* We complete communication and documentation, which enhances service delivery and patient outcomes.
* Our communication and documentation improves patient care and leads to improvements in EMS.

VI. We treat and connect patient to solutions for the best possible outcomes
* We treat and connect patients to solutions for their individual needs.
* We follow-through with our service partners and customers for the best possible outcome.
* We remember to continually improve our individual performance and skills.
* We embrace the values of unity within our organization.

Our Mission is to deliver the best service possible!

Inspired by the Story of the Good Samaritan. We found that the steps in the parable of the Good Samaritan is inspiring and clear for us and reveals for EMS in content and best ways.

“Our Mission Map in perfecting EMS service delivery was designed initially in 1990 after studies on the great transforming Good Samaritan Story by JESUS of NAZARETH, verse by verse, those stepping stones of life from ancient Aramaic .

Actually, it also illustrates well EMS’s historical journey in the 6 steps that took less than 20 years Implementation from the initial Federal EMS legislation in the 70’s for mobile healthcare to struggle through powerful cultural behaviors to fulfill a greater service delivery for people’s needs”.

The Tao of Zoi

The Tao of Zoi

Starwest’s ZOI, ways and means bears enhanced EMS data;
Harmony with evidence based practice nurtures care;
Nature of the incident shapes need;
Zoi helps complete best practices for life;
Following the Way of Zoi honors harmony and completion.

The Zoi bears Data, nurtures Information, shapes Knowledge, transfers, Exchanges, completes, continues and makes a home for Best “possible” Outcome.

Intuitive without bias,
Bearing without possessing,
Nurturing without fixing,
Shaping without forcing,
This is harmony of the Tao of Zoi

Community Paramedicine Maricopa County

Community Paramedicine Maricopa County

What is Community Paramedicine?

Fire-Based Paramedicine and contracted public/private ambulance service is a model of community-based health care in which paramedic’s function outside their customary emergency response and transport roles from public dispatch in ways that facilitate more appropriate use of emergency and urgent resources that enhance treatment access and referral for primary care for medically served populations. Community Paramedicine systems are designed to address specific clinical problems. Community Paramedicine has substantially grown in recent years based on Community paramedicine programs ability to improve connectivity and continuity of quality care while reducing substantial health care costs.

Fire-Based Community Paramedicine as well as Private Paramedic service fills appropriate healthcare service gaps. Community paramedicine focuses on providing service delivery, where access to care is limited, or when short-term intervention is needed within a 24 Hour response. By targeting locally identified health care needs, and offering creative solutions to fill local health care gaps. Community paramedicine helps to increase access and measurement of care, and reduces health care costs by providing the right level of care in the most appropriate place based on individual medical needs.
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EMS Mind Ways

“EMS Mind Ways” by Bob Ramsey

EMS teaches about another high performance realm: in the way the Mind can reach and use higher performance processes in consciousness by Skilled Medics increased awareness in LiveTime Frames of Workflows.  Real time informational digital exchanges for use in variable times/places EMS actions augment and improve measured clinical interventions.EMS on scene consciousness by clinical practitioners is a specific form of interactive consciousness that stimulates and runs simulations information about the incident and the situation in specific non-normal traditional convergent ways.  Enlightening specific cascading or diminished conditions or workflow processes.

EMS consciousness quickly evaluates and mentally simulates recent past and concurrent information to stimulate the Active NOW for future best possible outcomes.  This requires prospective evidence based Intents and Skills to awaken retrospective knowledge by evaluating many concurrent feedback loops, keys to understanding, emerged in information in order to make quick on-going assessments for right decisions of clinical and operational processes that potentially achieve the best patient continuity of care.
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The Personal EMS Digital Device…beyond ePCR

“The Personal EMS Digital Device…beyond ePCR” by BobRamsey

“The nature of sharing and happiness is to create and share happiness with someone else.” From the ancient Kabbalah –This is why the creation of light (knowledge-truth-information-digital data) is always a sharing for better outcomes…

Starwest Tech’s ZOi, the personal EMS digital device for care brings into focus in live time, the passion of correct information for expanded care. It is a time when actions and clarity are in concert.

EMS personal working with a clear mind, unhindered by distractions or restricted by pre-conceptions to realize peak performance. Much can be achieved in possible better outcomes at this level of service and high performance.

Having an EMS personal digital device is an opportune time for an EMS team to receive additional and concurrent information, being alerted to deliver better assessments and treatments to complete required patient needs connecting to others for the clinical situation and, if necessary, make swift adjustments.   A Medic or an EMS professional working in this digital light can set in motion great works that benefit outcomes.
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That great lubricant of the EMS

“That great lubricant of the EMS” by Bob Ramsey

That great lubricant of the EMS machine is the exchange of information and digital data based on the gathering and transmitting to share assessments, the trained senses of skills and behaviors along the pathways of care and measured intersections between man and technology.The timing or rate of reliability, capabilities, interoperability and the competencies of that exchange is directly related to receiving the level of measured success in best possible interventions, outcomes, predictions and preventions of actions and events.

We call that information exchange Active Management and Measurement Interventions!



Bob Ramsey

“How many of you experience daily unwanted an unintended consequences of good intentions? I do. Those consequences usually happen by either good people making decisions generally based on experience, training, instincts, deductions or perspectives, or it is usually a result of an organizational policy, practice, procedure or institutional memory put into practice with good intentions.


Sometimes bosses and members of organizations jump to conclusions that unacceptable actions are caused by self-interest. And a few times they do, as we all know. But divergence from a mean or an acceptable behavior or practice is neither uncommon nor usually caused out of pure self-interest but rather unacceptable behaviors or actions usually occur naturally. Neither an individual nor the organization is able to take into consideration all of the subtle differences and uniqueness of the actual needs of an entire situation prior to its occurrence or it’s outcome.
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