EMS Mind Ways

“EMS Mind Ways” by Bob Ramsey

EMS teaches about another high performance realm: in the way the Mind can reach and use higher performance processes in consciousness by Skilled Medics increased awareness in LiveTime Frames of Workflows.  Real time informational digital exchanges for use in variable times/places EMS actions augment and improve measured clinical interventions.EMS on scene consciousness by clinical practitioners is a specific form of interactive consciousness that stimulates and runs simulations information about the incident and the situation in specific non-normal traditional convergent ways.  Enlightening specific cascading or diminished conditions or workflow processes.

EMS consciousness quickly evaluates and mentally simulates recent past and concurrent information to stimulate the Active NOW for future best possible outcomes.  This requires prospective evidence based Intents and Skills to awaken retrospective knowledge by evaluating many concurrent feedback loops, keys to understanding, emerged in information in order to make quick on-going assessments for right decisions of clinical and operational processes that potentially achieve the best patient continuity of care.
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