The Personal EMS Digital Device…beyond ePCR

“The Personal EMS Digital Device…beyond ePCR” by BobRamsey

“The nature of sharing and happiness is to create and share happiness with someone else.” From the ancient Kabbalah –This is why the creation of light (knowledge-truth-information-digital data) is always a sharing for better outcomes…

Starwest Tech’s ZOi, the personal EMS digital device for care brings into focus in live time, the passion of correct information for expanded care. It is a time when actions and clarity are in concert.

EMS personal working with a clear mind, unhindered by distractions or restricted by pre-conceptions to realize peak performance. Much can be achieved in possible better outcomes at this level of service and high performance.

Having an EMS personal digital device is an opportune time for an EMS team to receive additional and concurrent information, being alerted to deliver better assessments and treatments to complete required patient needs connecting to others for the clinical situation and, if necessary, make swift adjustments.   A Medic or an EMS professional working in this digital light can set in motion great works that benefit outcomes.
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